The associations By-Laws

  1. The Association
    a. The name of the association is "BSD-DK".
    b. The object of the association is the further the knowledge of and the use of operating systems based on the Berkeley Software Distribution sourcecode.
    c. The domicile of the association is in the Commune of Copenhagen.
    d. The General assembly is the supreme authority of the association.
    e. The association is lead by a board elected by the General assembly.
    f. The association cannot build up monetary assets apart from what is needed for the daily operation of the association.
    g. The association cannot incur debt.
    h. Association and board resume no responsibilities for damages, either personal or material that arise in conjunction with the activities of the association.
    i. The association is only liable with its monetary assets, no member of the board nor any member of the association shall be hold liable for debts.
  2. Membership
    a. Members are all physical persons subscribed to the associations "announce" mailing list.
    b. Members can be excluded by a majority of; 2/3 of the board for a specified or an unspecified amount of time.
    c. The association cannot collect subscription from the members.
  3. General assembly
    a. Ordinary general assembly will be held in the month of August in one of Denmark's 5 largest cities.
    b. Extraordinary general assembly will be called if the board or 10 members demand it.
    c. All general assemblies are to be called with a notice of 21 days via e-mail to all members and via the web pages of the association.
    d. All members are able to set proposals for the agenda, these proposals must be the board in hand no later than 9 days before the general assembly.
    e. The board announces the final agenda on the associations web pages and via email to all members 7 days before the general assembly.
    f. The General assembly can only make decision with regards to the proposals that are on the agenda and motions to change said proposals.
    g. The General assembly is only able to form a quorum if legally called. Decisions are take by simple majority of votes.
    h. To be able to legally vote for the general assembly, persons must be members on the day of the call for the general assembly (see 3c) for the general assembly in question and on the time of the general assembly.
    i. Voting by proxy is allowed. A valid proxy must contain: Name, Address, Email, phoneno. and signature. The information must be received be the board no later than the day before the general assembly.
  4. The board
    a. The board is chosen on the general assembly amongst the members of the association that candidates.
    b. The board consists of 5 to 9 persons, elected for a one year period.
    c. The board constitutes itself with a chairman, vice chairman and cashier.
    d. The board must, within 14 days of the general assembly, send out a referendum of the general assembly and the boards constitution.
    e. The board must keep a protocol of its decisions and make it public to its members.
    f. The board is the association public figure both legally and when it comes to the associations image in the public eye, hereby media and press.
  5. By-laws
    a. Changes in the by-laws must be passed by a majority of 2/3 of the given votes.
  6. Dissolution of the association
    a. The dissolution of the association must be passed on two each other following general assemblies, these must that place with minimum 21 days between them.
    b. On the closing general assembly the general assembly must decide what happens with the associations assets, passives and other junk items.